WIB-Southern California
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WIB-Southern California Chapter (Founded in 2013)

The Southern California life sciences community is a hotbed of innovation and scientific expertise. Entrepreneurs can be found throughout and venture capitalists
are investing heavily in the region. Recent reports state Southern California has the 5th (San Diego) and 8th (Los Angeles/Orange County) largest biotech hubs of the Top 10 hubs in the country.

We service these hubs by offering programs in San Diego, Irvine, and ien Los Angeles. We also offer virtual support for women living and working nearby. We support women at all stages of their career and we welcome support and participation from men and women alike.   Our programs provide great leadership opportunities, engage our most successful and influential industry leaders, academia and Institutes, and fuel the human capital of the region supporting more women as they join leadership teams and Boards.


San Diego*

- VC (3rd with $2.3 billion in 64 deals)
- Patents (4th with 5,303)
- Lab space (5th with 18.4 million square feet)
- Jobs (5th with 65,572, according to California life science group Biocom)
- NIH funding (8th with 1,604 awards totaling $912.3 million)

Los Angeles /Orange County*

- VC (10th with $241 million in 22 deals)
- Patents (8th with 1,714)
- Lab space (10th with 12.4 million square feet)
- Jobs (2nd in employment with 125,214 jobs in L.A., Orange, and four surrounding counties according to the California Life Sciences Association (JLL tallies 116,978)
- NIH funding (7th with 1,886 awards totaling $988 million)

*Top 10 U.S. Biopharma Clusters, September 23, 2019 GEN Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News  

Featured Programs


Monthly Educational Programs including our popular rare disease series + Lunch and Happy Hours

Entrepreneur Center - Founders Forum for Women (Co-) Founders and CEOs of life science startups. (Companies one to 13 in size, rolling admission)


Micro-Communities (online, monthly meetings) Select from seven micro-communities: Antibody, Digital Health, Genomics, Medical Devices & Diagnostics, Microbiome, Rare Disease and Social Impact Companies. New micro-communities will be formed on a rolling basis as facilitators volunteer and there is demand. Co-facilitators manage monthly discussions and a Slack channel supports communication between meetings.

Link for more information or to register.


eMAPS Executive Round Table  (for VP/C-Level professionals) (Registration Nov/Dec for January) and Director's Rising Peer Group (Registration twice annually in Fall and Spring)

Link to application form here, e
mail address:  southerncaliforniamaps@womeninbio.org 


MAPS Peer Groups (Registration twice annually in Fall and Spring) – By Geographic Area: In San Diego: Del Mar, Carlsbad, La Jolla, In Orange County: Irvine. In Los Angeles:  W. Hollywood, Pasadena and Torrance. Don’t see your city?  A virtual group is available for women living/working too far from these locations.  Special Interest Groups: Consultants

Link to application, Link to brochure, email address: southerncaliforniamaps@womeninbio.org


MAPS Mentoring Circles (Registration in Nov/Dec for January)

Link to Mentor application, Link to Mentee application, email address: southerncaliforniamentoringcircles@womeninbio.org


YWIB Ambassador Leadership opportunity and Educational Programs

*A vibrant online community through the Slack platform offers multiple channels connecting the community between meetings.  For member access and all general questions for the chapter, email  SouthernCalifornia@womeninbio.org


We would love for you to get involved. Leadership roles on committees and contributing roles are available. To learn more about current leadership opportunities in WIB-Southern California, click here.

Prefer to be a guest mentor, or lend career advice in the form of resume review, LinkedIn review, and/or informational interview? Offer to lead in one of these capacities by completing this form. We thank you for your time in advance.


To learn more about us, please see our news and past events blog and media coverage  of our chapter. 

Have a Speaker or Topic Idea?  Please share your ideas for an upcoming event topic, an idea for an event, or recommend a speaker by filling out the form located here. WIB will share your ideas with National & Chapter leaders to determine future events. 

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