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The WIB-Pittsburgh chapter is working to support recognized and emerging women leaders in the biosciences industry of Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and West Virginia. Our mission is to promote knowledge sharing among women, impact regional economic growth, and stimulate empowerment among women leaders. We believe that women have the unique potential for improving companies' strategic positions and growth by offering intelligence, spirit, leadership, and vision to the biotech, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries.

We promote entrepreneurship, innovation, education, and mentorship among women across our region. Through our chapter, women can connect and network with industry peers. We optimize opportunities for women to achieve the greatest potential in their careers and professional development.

To learn more about us, please see the gallery of our past events video library (member benefit), and media coverage of our chapter.

Have a Speaker or Topic Idea?  Please share your ideas for an upcoming event topic, an idea for an event, or recommend a speaker by filling out the form located here. WIB will share your ideas with National & Chapter leaders to determine future events.  

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