eMAPS Executives

eMAPS programs offer professional development for rising Directors, for VPs and C-Level executives. * eMAPS cohorts meet for a year creating a culture of support, sharing, and confidentiality for executives in their cohort. Alumni gatherings for past cohorts support on-going relationships. eMAPS chapter offerings vary in model as well as availability. Several chapters have plans underway for an eMAPS program launch.

*Some chapters incorporate Directors into the same cohorts with VP and C-Level executives, while others have separate groups. 



 A meaningful executive community within your chapter that meets on a recurring basis as a cohort over the course of a year

  • Professional development providing mentorship, a supportive cohort and peer-based learning towards advancement of career goals

  • Strengthen relationships and build a connected community of executives in the region who convene and engage on a regular basis for your personal development

  • Take advantage of a repository of learning materials made available for facilitating discussions in your eMAPS chapter program by life science and biotech executives from across the country

  • An important local professional and relationship development program in addition to, National webinars and convenings


eMAPS Topics

A learning repository of materials is used by Chapter leaders for eMAPS to plan and use by executive mentors and/or member facilitators of discussions. Sample meeting topics have included:

  • Being Intentional And Strategic With Relationships
  • Transition to Executive Leadership
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Behavioral Assessment (DiSC, MTBI, etc.) to understand preferences to build capability to lead
  • Finance & Accounting 101
  • Negotiation Tools
  • Performance Management & Managing Others
  • Change Management
  • Board and Investor Relationships
  • Navigating Funding & Business Development
  • Audit Committee Management
  • Compliance
  • Cybersecurity
  • D&O Insurance
  • Fundraising & Financing through IPO
  • Legal Liability

*Learning repository contains materials for the majority of these topics and more in development and added with every cohort.

Program Models

eMAPS Monthly Professional Development

Application based program led by two to three C-level/VP women life science professionals/mentors. This program focuses on personal goals and journeys and intentional work towards moving into a VP or C-level role. This program is geared towards advancing personal careers to the next step. Designed to create a circle of trusted relationships and leverage shared experiences to utilize in real world situations.  The program utilizes pre-work in monthly mentorship meetings and provides the opportunity to engage with others at a senior level who also aspire to make this move.

  • Time Commitment: 10 to 12 meetings; two hours/each with pre-work, self-assessment included at start annually
  • Topics are determined based on interest of applicant cohort needs at beginning and halfway through program
  • Applicants: Director level, applicants are interviewed by mentors, select 10 to 12 participants max
  • Mentors: two VP or C-Level executives plus an Executive Coach with additional expert guests as needed


eMAPS - Executive Round Table or Circles

Intimate and private safe space to discuss challenges and learn anecdotally from each other. Topic emphasis driven by executive peer participant(s) who facilitate the discussion using tailored content selected from the learning repository or newly created and Q&A and break out activities planned in conjunction with guest mentors.

  • Time Commitment: five to six meetings; two hours/each with pre-work
  • Topics are set at the start of the program based on diversity of applicant pool
  • Applicants: approx 15 participants in a cohort, representation across all business and clinical operational executive life science and biotech roles
  • Company Size: Chapter eMAPS leaders determine focus based on needs keeping cohorts to similar size to ensure challenges and/or experience are aligned
  • Guest Mentors: Guest executive mentor/guides identified for each meeting to work with facilitators and share guidance


Applications & Contacts

eMAPS general email address: eMAPS@womeninbio.org

Seattle Executive eMAPS:
eMAPS recruitment flyer

Southern California eMAPS:
Executive Round Table for VP/C-Level professionals and Director's Rising group: application form, email address  southerncaliforniaemaps@womeninbio.org 


eMAPS (Executive Mentoring) Committee Seeks Five Dynamic Women to Help Lead Executive Virtual Cohorts in 2021 

eMAPS - programs offer professional development for rising Directors, for VPs, and C-Level executives. Our cohorts meet for a year, creating a culture of support, sharing, and confidentiality for executives in their cohort. We plan to offer several virtual cohorts to serve professional women living outside of cities where we have active chapters.For more information, including available roles and how to apply, click here.


Q: Does my chapter include Directors in the same eMAPS cohort as VP and C-Level executives?

A: eMAPS programs are in development in a variety of chapters and the decision regarding what model to use, topics and even make up at launch will vary. Some chapters have a separate Director’s Rising peer group, as distinct from their Executive Round Table, Circles or eMAPS program as well. There are a variety of reasons for the decisions including but not limited to considerations of recruitment response, resources and applicant choice.


Q: What are the benefits of an eMAPS program over other general women’s executive program offerings in your community?

A: The executives in eMAPS are all life science, biotech, diagnostic and pharma focused. Many women’s executive programs are STEM or more diverse than STEM and offer enormous value in that diversity. eMAPS executives find, however, that a cohort laser focused on our industry can be enormously beneficial as the issues related to regulatory rules, operational issues, fundraising and even board management have trends and nuances not necessarily at play in tech or other industries. Some chapters look to other local women’s organizations finding synergies when appropriate for collaboration.


Q: Does my chapter currently have an eMAPS program and if not who should I speak with to help launch one?

A: Your feedback as an executive towards the creation of your local eMAPS program is invaluable. Share your priorities and goals with your MAPS Chair. They will use your feedback to tailor the eMAPS program to needs you to identify and will appreciate your help recruiting as well.