National Director Emeritus
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The National Director Emeritus is designed to bring together Founders, former Presidents and former long-serving Board members as a brain-trust for WIB. They provide advice and historic perspective of WIB to Chapters Chairs, current sitting Board members and current Presidents.

Robbie MeltonExecutive Director & CEO, High Technology Development Corporation

Former President   Cassidy Cantin, Business Development and Program Management Consultant
 Former President   Dawn Hocevar , President/CEO at BioCT
 Former President   Kristi Sarno, Senior Director Business Development at Pfenex Inc
Former President      Lynn Johnson Langer, PhD, MBA,Director, Enterprise & Regulatory Affairs Program, Center for Biotechnology Education, Johns Hopkins University
Former President
  Phyllis Dillinger, MBA, President, AC1
Former President   Debra Bowes, BS, MBEE, Founder & President, Chevy Chase BioPartners
Former President  

Gianna Arnold, Partner, Vice Chair Life Science Industry Group, Saul Ewing LLP

Former President   Dimitra Georganopoulou, PhD,Innovation and Commercialization Officer of INVO
Former President   Simone Fishburn, Editor, BioCentury Innovations
Board Member   Juli Anne Callis, Independent Consultant
Board Member  

Marisa Goodenough, Marketing & Communications Manager, Eagle Genomics Ltd

Founder   Cynthia W. HuJD, Chief Operating Officer, CASI Pharmaceuticals