Volunteer with WIB
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Volunteering with WIB serves as a great way to meet new people, get involved with your local community and develop new skills.


Volunteering: the Core of WIB

Women In Bio is almost entirely run by volunteers, from the President and Board to the Chapter chairs and committees.

Whether you prefer to get involved with a finite, limited project such as running a local event, or to help build our non-profit organization at a local or national level, we have opportunities for you.

Volunteers can work either with local chapters or with the National team (which operates virtually). Most volunteers join a committee, while some help out with special projects.  

The chapter committees and volunteer positions include:

  • Communications Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Programs (Events) Committee
  • Sponsorship (Funding) Committee
  • Young Women In Bio Committee
  • EWIB (Not All Chapters)
  • MAPS Committee (not all chapters)
  • Treasurer (not all chapters)

For more information on the committee activities, please see here.

Interested in volunteering or receiving more information? Please fill out our Volunteer Inquiry Form.

If you are not yet a member of Women In Bio, find out more information about us and on how to become a member, and join our vibrant community of entrepreneurs, leaders, business development professionals, investors, scientists, students and others who work in the biotechnology and life sciences industries.

WIB Is Forming a National Diversity and Inclusion Resource Group - Applications Due July 10

Historically, women have continuously made groundbreaking discoveries in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), but their successes are often underreported or completely ignored. This holds especially true to women of color and other marginalized groups. The goal of Women In Bio’s new National Diversity and Inclusion Resource Group is to support, strengthen, and grow women from diverse backgrounds to achieve excellence. Diversity is imperative, and WIB aims to build on the progress we have made in supporting women to achieve success from the classroom to the boardroom. With this group, WIB seeks to develop a community to positively impact and increase the inclusion of women from all backgrounds and experiences in the life sciences by providing resources for their professional development. 

Please complete the application located here if you are interested in joining the WIB National Diversity and Inclusion Resource Group.


 WIB-National Seeks Volunteer for the National WIB Entrepreneur Center Co-Vice-Chair Position

WIB supports diversity and inclusion for women employed in the field of life sciences from the classroom to the boardroom. We are with our members every step of the way with our Young Women In Bio, Executive Women In Bio, and Boardroom Ready Programs, as well as our growing Mentorship.

The National WIB Entrepreneur Center Co-Vice-Chair will work alongside the National Chair and will be responsible for planning meetings and events to help educate and engage the entrepreneurs and founders within our chapter membership. The candidate will be expected to participate on the MAPS National monthly call and will need to be available to attend a few other internal committee meeting during the month. An entrepreneurial spirit is an important element for the candidate.

To apply for this position, or to to express interest in volunteering in general, please complete the form located here no later than July 15, 2020.