National Webinars & Virtual Events
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Women In Bio organizes webinar events broadcast live online. Recordings of our webinars are available in the member-exclusive video library.  

Have a Speaker or Topic Idea?   Please share your ideas for an upcoming event topic, an idea for an event, or recommend a speaker by filling out the form located here. WIB will share your ideas with National & Chapter leaders to determine future events. WIB is also seeking volunteers and sponsors to help support our webinar series. 


2020 National Webinars

 Date Topic  Speaker
 January 9 Self Care is Hard Work    Gretchen Rubin
EWIB Presents
Strategic Networking C-Suite 

Grace E. Colón, Ph.D.   
 March 19

MAPS Presents
Making Mentorship Meaningful

Andie Kramer and Al Harris 
 March 26

The Entrepreneur Center Presents
Fundraising Boot Camp for Life Science
Startups: Messaging and Branding 

Karen Deyo and Gregory Mannix   
 April 14
AI-Big Data Patient Outcomes  

Dr. Tara Grabowsky 
 April 21

 The Entrepreneur Center Presents
Fundraising Boot Camp for Life
 Startups: Successful Partnering

Bryanna Allison 
 May 19 

The Entrepreneur Center Presents
Fundraising Boot Camp for Life Science
Startups: Fundraising Bootcamp 

Dennis Ford 

 May 26

Quieting Your Inner Critic So You Can Play Bigger 


Tara Mohr  

 June 8

EWIB Presents
EWIB Breakfast at BIO Digital – Leading During a Pandemic

  Shehnaaz Suliman, Jung Choi, Natalie Holles & Elena Ridloff
June 8 WIB Virtual Plenary Event at BIO Digital - Empowering Entrepreneurs in 2020Melinda Richter  
June 10
The Entrepreneur Center Presents
WIB Pitch Session at the Digital RESI Conference 
 Meesha DoganEydis LimaAndrea WangCaitlin Cameron & Helena Cowley 
June 11 Speed Networking at BIO Digital International Convention 2020 Michelle Zorrilla 
 June 12

MAPS Presents
Panel Discussion: The Benefits of Executive Mentoring Cohorts w/Sanofi ELEVATE

 Marilyn Kronenberg, Gina FordKirsten Anderson

July 21

Growing Your Career and Personal
Brand in Life Sciences and Biotech  

Grace Lanni and Stefan Werdegar 


EWIB Presents
Diversity and Inclusion - What Is Different in 2020?

Annalisa Barrett, Consuelo Madere, Lori Lyons-Williams & Matt Fust 
 September 29
Vaccines, Therapies, and Antivirals - It all Starts with Science 

Susan Mockus & Sarah Sterlace 
 October 29

MAPS Presents
Make Mentorship Matter

 Susan Seber

EWIB Presents
A CEO reflects – “What I Wish I Knew
as I was Rising to the Top"  


23 & Me… Beyond the Family Tree 



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