National Committee Leaders
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Women In Bio (WIB) programs support the professional and personal growth of women involved in all aspects of the life sciences. 

WIB programs are designed to help you advance your businesses and careers. They are educational and social, and offer valuable networking opportunities in a relaxed informal atmosphere.

National Committee leaders (indicated below) work closely with the respective chapter committee chairs to support local initiatives and convey good ideas and success stories between the different chapters. Additionally, Committee Associates assist the efforts of the National and Chapter Chairs and support the successful implementation of their initiatives.

Communications Committee
The Communications Committee promotes the overarching strategic plan of WIB by developing and delivering timely, informative, and professional communications in support of WIB activities. Communications Committee products include bi-weekly emails, WIB brochures, public service announcements, press releases, event materials, and more.

Alice Ku 

Co-Vice Chair
Sarah Ahlbrand Ellinwood 

Co-Vice Chair
Leanne Chan


Program (Events) Committee
The National Program (Events) Committee assists chapters with their event planning, and drives national initiatives such as the Meet the Expert and Paths to Success series of events. Events are organized by individual chapters to meet the interests of their local life sciences community.

Jamie Graham
Kilpatrick Townsend

Vice Chair
Rong Wang
Tiempo Development

National Webinar Committee (Sub-committee of Programming)

The Webinar Committee creates a line-up of industry-relevant topics for our members and supporters to view right from their computers or devices. A list of upcoming webinars can be found here.

Myra Frick

Janine Gilkes, Ph.D.
Foundation Medicine

Sandy Polu, Ph.D.
Healthcare Organizations

Alexandria Warren
Purdue University 


Special Events (Sub-committee of Programming)
The Special Events committee handles unique events outside of the Program Committee, such as the WIB-Annual Plenary Event which is held at the BIO conference. This is a National committee that works in partnership with the chapter in the location of the BIO conference.

Michelle Zorrilla
University of Pittsburgh

Vice Chair
Anissa Elayadi
The Johns Hopkins University
Applied Physics Laboratory

Sponsorship Committee
The Sponsorship Committee identifies and builds relationships with potential sponsors and seeks out local grant opportunities. The committee tailors the benefits of sponsorship to the wishes and needs of sponsors. WIB is a growing organization with many opportunities for a diverse range of sponsors from all sectors of the industry. 


Vice Chair
Erin Lawless-Miller

Vice Chair
Azurii Collier

Membership Committee
The Membership committee focuses on providing value to WIB members, and building the organization through efforts to expand and retain members. The committee works with chapters to create membership drives, surveys and activities that reach out to local communities to enable more women to benefit from WIB.

Jennifer Wampler

Co-Vice Chair
Lois Kelly
Akebia Therapeutics

Co-Vice Chair
Ali Urman
Urman Consulting, LLC


Young Women In Bio (YWIB)

The YWIB committee empowers today’s girls to become tomorrow’s leaders, helping them effect positive change through science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Lily Wound


YWIB Communications Chair
Maggie Tobin
Novogene Corp

YWIB Programming Chair
Jenniffer Stetler
Georgia State University

YWIB Communications Vice Chair
Stephanie Allen
Canvas Health, Inc.

The Mentorship, Advisors, Peers, and Sponsorship Committee (MAPS)
MAPS is a group-based peer mentoring program consisting of like-minded women and experts who meet to discuss relevant issues. The committee helps coordinate the groups and match people with appropriate interests together.  

MAPS groups are open to WIB members. 

[Several, but not all chapters currently contain MAPS groups].


Neelum T. Aggarwal

Co-Vice Chair
Stacie Seidel
Homology Medicines, Inc 

Co-Vice Chair
Katie Williams
Applied BioMath

WIB Entrepreneur Center Committee  (Sub-committee of MAPS)


Sibylle Hauser
Hauser Strategy Consulting

Vice Chair

Ginger Johnson
Cello Health BioConsulting 


WIB eMAPS Committee  (Executive MAPS;Sub-committee of MAPS)


Jennie Starr
BioForm Solutions

Katie Smolnycki 
Fred Hutch

Kirsten Anderson
Presage Biosciences, Inc.


Executive Women In Bio Committee
The Executive Women In Bio (EWIB) is dedicated to supporting executive women looking to advance professionally. The committee manages the Boardroom Ready program that is designed to fuel women’s participation on corporate boards in the life sciences by vetting exceptionally qualified candidates to receive rigorous board training and WIB certification as "Board-Ready." The ultimate goal is to advance the contribution and visibility of women in boardrooms around the country.

Shehnaaz Suliman

Melanie Kleinschek

Communications Coordinator
Peggy Vorwald
CG Life


Boardroom Ready Committee (Sub-committee of EWIB)

Elese Hanson

Kelly Huang



* If you are interested in serving on any of the above committees at either a National or Chapter level or assisting as a Committee Associate , please email We'd love to have you participate and contribute to furthering our mission!