1:1 Mentoring
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A mentor can be a supervisor, a friend, a trainer, a teacher, an adviser, a counselor, a coach and more. Mentor-mentee relationships can help in so many ways including with career transitions, goal setting and dealing with workplace difficulties.

Recognizing the value of a mentor, MAPS has launched the MAPS 1:1 Mentoring program where Mentors and Mentees will be paired based on areas of interest. The Mentee-Mentor pair can then meet and talk at mutually convenient times in person (within a WIB chapter) or virtually by any technological means (across all chapters of WIB). 

Who is a mentee?

MAPS 1:1 Mentoring is catered for WIB members who are at any stage in their development, from students to senior executives, who may be looking for advice in career development, transitioning to an alternative career, work/family balance, promoting women at work, managing a team, and more. We highly encourage those who sign up as a mentee to give back, and consider being mentors for the program as well.

Interested in being paired with a mentor? 

Please reach out to your Chapter's MAPS Committee to learn more about the program. 

Who can become a mentor?

Any WIB member who is enthusiastic about life sciences, who believes in the value of guidance and support, and has experiences that they believe would be valuable to share with another person in their decision making process.

Interested in becoming a mentor? 

To request more information on our MAPS programs please click THIS LINK and complete this form. 

I have additional questions... 

The WIB MAPS Committee is available to answer questions and assist with challenges, so please contact us at MAPS@womeninbio.org.