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Where is WIB based?

WIB is a virtual organization, whose leaders and volunteers are located in different cities and meet by phone, email, and in person whenever possible.

Where is my nearest chapter and where are events held?

WIB currently has 13 chapters, listed here. Chapters hold events at different venues in and around their local cities to enable as many women as possible to attend.

If I don't live in a chapter region, how can I benefit from WIB?

As WIB operates virtually, you can make many connections by getting involved as a volunteer, which expands your network and provides leadership opportunities. In addition, many WIB events are video recorded and made available for download to members. We also have a range of member-exclusive benefits such as purchasing discounts that are described here

How is WIB different from other women's organizations?

At WIB we believe that we have a shared goal with other women's organizations of increasing opportunities for women and creating a more equal workplace. What sets us apart is:

  • we are very broad tent, and include people from all sectors of the life science industry, and all career stages
  • our speakers and panelists are all female, and we place a strong emphasis on women to women peer networking
  • our events are small by design, so that people can have meaningful interactions and leave having made lasting connections
  • our Young Women In Bio program which aims to inspire a love of science in middle- and high-school girls.


How can I find out about WIB activities and future events?

You can sign up for our biweekly newsletter here, which contains all the information about what happening at WIB.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to volunteer with WIB. Contact us and we will be in touch with you.