Diversity and Inclusion

We at Women In Bio are united in the quest to help eradicate inequality, racism, and bias and are developing an actionable plan to create true change. We had been in contact with several organizations at the beginning of 2020 to discuss how we can partner to involve the African American community in WIB’s educational and leadership programming…from STEM all the way to the boardroom! We plan on creating an intentional pathway of awareness that will serve as a springboard for meaningful engagement. The goal is to act and make equality the “new normal”! Please watch for updates as our action plan unfolds to see how you may want to get involved. Thank you, WIB members, sponsors, and supporters, for all you do to move WIB’s mission forward!

Note: WIB's social media response to racism can be viewed here. It has been placed on our homepage for the foreseeable future. 

Women In Bio Diversity and Inclusion Resource Group

Historically, women have continuously made groundbreaking discoveries in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), but their successes are often underreported or completely ignored. This holds especially true to women of color and other marginalized groups. The goal of Women In Bio’s new National Diversity and Inclusion Resource Group is to support, strengthen, and grow women from diverse backgrounds to achieve excellence. Diversity is imperative, and WIB aims to build on the progress we have made in supporting women to achieve success from the classroom to the boardroom. With this group, WIB seeks to develop a community to positively impact and increase the inclusion of women from all backgrounds and experiences in the life sciences by providing resources for their professional development.  

Click here to check our 13 WIB members who have a passion and drive to help eradicate inequality, racism, and bias beginning with girls and STEM all the way to the Boardroom!