2019 Webinars
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Women In Bio organizes webinar events broadcast live online and recordings are available in the member-exclusive video library.  

2019 Webinar Series





January 22 Uncovering Unconscious Bias Kelsey Pytlik
February 21 EWIB: Artificial Intelligence and Telehealth to Improve Patient Outcomes Chérie Kiser
March 14 EWIB: Using Skills of Emotional Connection to Engage Performance
Dr. Lola Gershfeld
June 27 Leading with an Innovative Mindset Maya Hu-Chan
July 26

An Executive Woman's Guide to Career Advancement

Robin Toft
August 27


The Entrepreneur Journey: From Idea to Reality

Rose Cook
October 17 EWIB
Standing on the Glass Ceiling - Advancing Your Career
Irina Konstantinovsky and Sasha Diskin
November 13

The Entrepreneur Center

Are you Fundable?: Attributes of a Fundable Start-up and How to Master Due Diligence!


Maileen Flores & James Graham

December 10

The Entrepreneur Center

Fundraising: The Myths and Realities for Life Science Entrepreneurs'

Lucy Parkinson

WIB is currently seeking volunteers and sponsors to help support our webinar series.  For more information on how to get involved please contact info@womeninbio.org.

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