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National Committee Leaders
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Women In Bio (WIB) programs support the professional and personal growth of women involved in all aspects of the life sciences. 

WIB programs are designed to help you advance your businesses and careers. They are educational and social, and offer valuable networking opportunities in a relaxed informal atmosphere.

National Committee leaders (indicated below) work closely with the respective chapter committee chairs to support local initiatives and convey good ideas and success stories between the different chapters. Additionally, Committee Associates assist the efforts of the National and Chapter Chairs and support the successful implementation of their initiatives.

1.  Communications Committee
The Communications Committee promotes the overarching strategic plan of WIB by developing and delivering timely, informative, and professional communications in support of WIB activities. Communications Committee products include bi-weekly emails, WIB brochures, public service announcements, press releases, event materials, and more.

Chair: Winnie Pong
Vice Chair: Alice Ku

2. Program (Events) Committee
The National Program (Events) Committee assists chapters with their event planning, and drives national initiatives such as the Meet the Expert and Paths to Success series of events. Events are organized by individual chapters to meet the interests of their local life sciences community.

Chair: Janice A. Vatland
Vice Chair: Deborah Blake

Webinar Committee Associates: Katlin Backfield and Liz Schwarzbach

3. Funding Committee
The Funding Committee identifies and builds relationships with potential sponsors and seeks out local grant opportunities. The committee tailors the benefits of sponsorship to the wishes and needs of sponsors. WIB is a growing organization with many opportunities for a diverse range of sponsors from all sectors of the industry. 
Chair: Chris Meda
Vice Chair: Erin Lawless-Miller

4. Membership Committee
The Membership committee focuses on providing value to WIB members, and building the organization through efforts to expand and retain members. The committee works with chapters to create membership drives, surveys and activities that reach out to local communities to enable more women to benefit from WIB.

Chair: Rebecca Watters
Vice Chairs: Andrea Knapp and Shahila Mehboob Christie

5.  Young Women In Bio (YWIB)
The YWIB committee creates programs and events geared towards encouraging middle- and high-school girls to consider the life sciences as a career choice.  YWIB events are often partnered with local biotech companies who provide hands-on experience for girls in biotech labs, and exposure to female science professionals from many different disciplines.

Chair: Lily Wound
Vice Chairs: Stephanie Mixson Byrd and Elise Hartley

6The Mentors, Advisors, and Peers Committee (MAPs)
MAPs is a group-based peer mentoring program consisting of like-minded women and experts who meet to discuss relevant issues. The committee helps co-ordinate the groups and match people with appropriate interests together.  MAPs Groups are open to WIB members. [Several, but not all chapters currently contain MAPs Groups].

Chair: Angela Furlanetto
Vice Chair: Neelum T. Aggarwal

7. Member Benefits Committee
The Member Benefits committee is responsible for identifying, negotiating and securing discounted prices on products and services for WIB members. This is a National Committee.


8. Grant Procurement Committee
The Grant Procurement committeee is responsible for identifying and applying for grants applicable to the mission of WIB. The Committee is a National committee that also works with chapter funding committees to help raise funds from regional grant foundations.


9.  Special Events
The Special Events committee handles unique events outside of the Program Committee, such as the Annual WIB Celebration which is held at the BIO conference. This is a National committee that works in partnership with the chapter in the location of the BIO conference.

Chair: Vicki Hurless
Vice Chairs: Valerie Simonsen

10. Executive Leadership Development Committee
The Executive Leadership Development Committee (ELDC) is dedicated to supporting executive women looking to advance professionally. This year the ELDC will launch a Board Placement Program for executives looking to serve on Fortune 1000 boards and other large enterprises. The Board Placement Program will vet exceptionally qualified candidates to select those receiving rigorous board training and WIB certification as "Board-Ready." In addition, each of our Board-Ready Candidates will receive individual assistance from the ELDC in receiving a corporate board placement. Levering the strength of Women In Bio's corporate supporters, WIB's ELDC will advance the contribution and visibility of women in boardrooms around the country.

Executive Leadership Development Committee 
Co-Chair: Jessica Swartz
Co-Chair: Yasmin Chandrasekher

Boardroom Ready Committee (Sub-committee of ELDC)
Chair: Carolyn Brougham
Vice Chair: Elese Hanson

* If you are interested in serving on any of the above committees at either a National or Chapter level or assisting as a Committee Associate, please email